ZuPreem AvianMaintenance FruitBlend Flavor Daily Bird Food

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ZuPreem AvianMaintenance FruitBlend Flavor Daily Bird Food

FruitBlend With Natural Fruit Flavors makes mealtime a fruit-filled event for your bird. The all natural flavor of real oranges, apples, grapes and bananas is certain to please your bird’s taste buds. Vibrant colors and amusing shapes add a new dimension to nutritional fun. With controlled iron levels and everything your bird needs to flourish, there’s no reason to add supplements. Medium is ideal for Cockatiels, Quakers, Ringneck Parakeets, Lovebirds and other medium parrots that prefer this pellet size. Medium-Large is prefect for Conures, Amazons, Greys, Pionus, Caiques, Senegals and other medium to large parrots. Large is made for Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons and other large parrots. Made in USA.
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Price: 8.49

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