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Where ever there are discussions pertaining to weight loss,nutrition, diet, exercise and health,the one topic that comes to mind is that of ‘Junk Science’.

Every month there are new claims which are often backed up with extensive research and studies. However, if scientists themselves find it difficult to decide what the truth is,then one cannot expect the lay man to know any better.

Most people don’t have the time or inclination to go through a dozen scientific studies so they remain confused about how to lose weight. While there is no sure shot solution, one can follow certain sensible guidelines to ensure that they eat the right foods and get appropriate amounts of exercise in order to lose weight.

Always view out sized claims skeptically especially if they contradict long standing notions on what is best in the world of nutrition.

Although there might be several studies that have been conducted in the field of health and nutrition most of them have come to the conclusion that a well balanced diet which includes all the food groups like carbohydrates, proteins etc and age appropriate exercise are important factors in maintaining optimal health.

Losing weight is not an overnight process so do not be fooled into programs that promise quick, safe and easy results. Reducing fat and getting into shape requires a long term commitment and a good weight loss program will always consider safety first.

Do not be conned into trying or any program that scares you into adopting it. For example there are some that try and hype the dangers of consuming meat. While it is a known fact that consuming excessive red meat can lead to health risks, what is considered ‘Excess’ is still being researched upon.

Any claim that eating meat in moderation is harmful is based only on ‘Junk Science’. Science doesn’t warrant people to turn vegetarian unless they want to for their own personal reasons.

Moderation is the key and one should try and avoid going to extremes to achieve weight loss.

Some newer diets actually recommend that people eat only fruits the first 3 days and then consume other foods the rest of the week. Such diets are generally not a good idea because they create imbalances in the body which can have adverse effects on an individuals health.

On the other extreme there are some diets that encourage people to eat more protein and very little carbohydrates. What we need to realize is that the body requires all the food groups in adequate quantities in other to extract and synthesize what it needs.In other words, it should possess a certain amount of carbohydrates to generate energy, proteins to produce amino acids, fiber and other essential elements to sustain healthy functioning.

The bottom line is that one should not be naive enough to believe in products that promise effortless,quick and instant results which at the same time claim to be safe and reliable. In reality weight loss requires long term commitment and effort on our part to achieve.

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