The Ultimate Diet For Fast, Safe Weight Loss: Is it There?

Diet & Exercise

I admit, I did many diets, in most of them I was able to lose some weight.
In one of them I lost about 15 kegs within one month. Yes 15 kegs.

But also, I have to admit that I am no more able to do any tough diets!
Is it because of the age? Or is it because of life pressure around us ?
When I feel upset, stressed and angry I feel hungry!
Then immediately I will start thinking of food, something to eat, something to fill my stomach!

Many of you may agree with me that, after eating, most of the bad feelings will be removed from our shoulders or reduced to a very low level !

Diets are not easy process, especially the tough ones which force our bodies to lose a lot of weight in short period.

But because of our current life style, bad eating habits and the low food quality, our bodies can simply gain a lot of weight in a very short period!

I remember , last winter early morning , in a rainy day I saw my very old neighbor doing the jugging sport, I felt petty to him, so i opened my car window and offered to give him a left, but he waved his skinny hand away
asking me to leave him . I am not exaggerating, but believe me I was shocked for that determination and insisting!

After deep thinking of what I saw , I believe now : there are 4 Ways to get any diet keep going :

1. Know Your Weight Loss Goals.
Consider how much you need to lose before you decide how to do it?

2. Understand Your Weight Loss Personality.
Personality plays a role in our attitude towards food, know your tendencies and tailor your plan to conquer
the unproductive inclinations.

3. Double Up: Diet & Exercise.
Many people may ask which should come first, diet or exercise?
The simple answer: jump in and do both. Do the combination of diet and exercise.

4. Make a Firm Weight Loss Commitment.
To be successful, it helps to understand why you want to lose weight?
So before you begin a weight loss plan, ask yourself:
Am I ready to do this?
Is my motivation coming from within?
Can I deal with occasional setbacks or lack of progress?
Can I focus on weight loss fully?
Be sure you’re committed to losing weight for yourself – not because someone else is pressuring you to do so.
Then, take things slowly, and you should be on the road to weight loss in no time.

Another question may will come to your mind :
Should I Consider Surgery?
Well , my advice if you are more than 100 pounds overweight,
you may want to ask your doctor this question.
Your doctor will be able to tell you whether or not surgery is a good idea or not.
But, if you haven’t tried to lose weight before, your doctor will more than likely suggest that you try and lose weight through other means.
If you are morbidly obese, or have tried several different diets,
you doctor may suggest one of the many surgeries that can help you lose weight

Back to the eternal question: The ultimate diet for fast, safe weight loss: Is it there?

Well,there is now a popular diet that is currently circulating around everywhere, called : the Abs Diet.
This diet will flatten your stomach in six weeks and help you stay lean for life.
It is not another fad diet but one you can live with for the rest of your life.

If anybody interested in more tips and information about Diets , then this free 20 pages e-book about diets and the ABS System shocking could be very useful.


Given that most people who go on fad diets give up after only a few measly weeks, this is a critical part of any diet that hopes to be successful.

Lara Nudels , from UK, writing articles in the Arabic websites since 4 years. Mainly concentrating on educational articles . I started lately to write articles in English to sharper my skills. I am a main writer in http://www.al-hadaf.org  

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