Raw Food Diet Documentary – part 1 of 2

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Raw food diet and healthy lifestyle!

Healthy food | A guide to healthy lifestyle – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEfovsUyHl8

20 comments to Raw Food Diet Documentary – part 1 of 2

  • Amy Cogswell  says:

    You had me until you said you cured Type 1 diabetes. Seriously, if you're going to make shit up, get your diseases right. Type 1 is an autoimmune disorder, it's onset has nothing to do with diet, and it can't be cure with diet either. After hearing that one claim, I can't believe anything else this "documentary" says.

  • Reno Healing Massage Reno Healing Massage  says:

    What about all the animals that are tortured for these cures no one is really looking for that are caused from eating animals in the first place….humans are insane

  • Becky Starr  says:

    I totally respect people who are on the raw food diet. I just get confused as why raw? I stopped eating red meat in the last yr, or so. I have horrific RA/Gout flare ups due to meat. I don't eat red meat for the pain reason, and as well because I'm an animal lover!  js To each their own…Thanks for this video..btw It is interesting. 🙂 I like learning more about the  RFD.

  • Look Inside  says:

    Many people who eat this way say they sleep very little 3 to 5 hours a day is that normal do most people eating that way report sleeping very little and still not be sleepy?

  • Nayeema Rahim  says:
  • Chance Jodzko  says:

    This is a joke.

  • Deidre Cribb  says:

    love it! i try hard to eat raw most of time and vegan most of time. :)

  • Dynamic Day  says:

    En este documental estan hablando sobre la salud de los alimentos organicos , estos alimentos tienen mayor proporciones de nutricion exactamente son 20 veces mas que la comida normal .

  • Fuerst Metternich  says:

    What is used to fertilize an organic farm or garden?

  • Menno Hoekstra  says:

    those two people the hippie couple.. they are so full of themself. i life raw food though i love my steak i try to keep a balance but damn those 2 hippie are probably getting high on their own farts.

  • thinkingfour  says:


  • Yolo McSwagginz  says:

    Yeah if you don't get sick or need drugs or doctor visits I'm pretty sure ur getting more money

  • Yolo McSwagginz  says:

    My family like legit doesn't do it my dad might but my moms liver is like dying almost and her feet hurt from all the weight on them and she won't try broccoli. Like legit it pisses me off and I lose all my respect for her because she doesn't care about me and her and whatever. She isn't mean but she won't try it for some reason. I really need them to just get all the junk food out of the house so I don't have the want to eat it.

  • Denise Maria Branquinho  says:

    i would like to be raw foodist, but i don't live without Coffee and tea. so I am 80% raw.

  • Ed Momeni  says:

    Great Video ! Thanks, but would you explain why 2 of the experts are overweight? it is hard for people to take advise from experts who are out of shape !

  • Daniel  says:

    I'm gonna start living the raw food diet (living on baloney and margarine sandwiches has begun to take its toll), but there was just so much hippy "we have to love the Earth" stuff in the video I had to stop watching.

  • S Pol  says:

    no way

  • Jon Deer  says:

    I've been studying fat reduction and found an awesome resource at Triple trim formula (google it if you're interested)

  • Dan D  says:

    lemons are great too instead of coffee in the am drink lemon juice water raw fresh.

  • crocfixio  says:

    yeah i eat sashimi !!

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