Prodovite the natural multi-nutrient liquid supplement complex that boost energy & endurance !!!


BeaconsOfHopeProdovite has helped Gene achieve these current accomplishments?  One of his advantages is a supplement that he is taking, it is naturally boosting his energy and endurance. Gene has been training on a specific Prodovite® (stimulant free, sugar free, gluten free and analyzed as compliant with World Anti-Doping Agency standards) regimen for several weeks prior to the National Senior Games. In the last 3 events, including the regional Ohio cycling event, Gene was able to bring home a total of 7 Golds and 1 Bronze Medal.

Prodovite® is a proprietary liquid multi-nutrient complex used to promote health and enhance performance. Prodovite® has been shown to enter the bloodstream effectively within five minutes, a critical factor for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Prodovite’s® exclusive Prodosome® Encapsulation Technology offers all of the benefits of liquid vitamins, but takes it much further. The formulation and production process used promotes rapid and sustainable absorption—as mentioned previously, it starts working in minutes, greatly enhancing utilization of its nutritional ingredients.

The advanced patent-pending absorption technology breakthrough, along with other proprietary production technologies used in Prodovite®, is truly promoting Nutrition that Gets In™. Results of using Prodovite® for fitness training are truly incomparable, just ask Gene Killingsworth! Gene is excited to share the new road to health and success he has found in Prodovite.

With results like this pouring in, Prodovite® will be present in various cycling competitions nationwide. Gene is fueling his ride with Prodovite® in Ohio and Prodovite is making its mark in the cycling venue everywhere.

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