Natural Health Food: What This Is

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The term natural health food refers to foods which are considered naturally grown and raised. Several consumers are finding that they prefer natural health food to avoid pesticides and other unnatural consequences of modern ranching and farming. Natural health food offers consumers more options in the food market that let them decide which type of product that they would like.

What is Natural Health Food?

Natural health food is food that suits the FDA’s description of naturally grown. It can refer to livestock too, as livestock that is permitted to graze in fields that have not been sprayed by pesticides or given either hormone injections to improve size or antibiotics which are used to avoid common diseases. The food that is given to the livestock should also fall into the organic range, being naturally grown feed.

Often livestock which is considered natural is known as “free range” animals. This means that they are not penned and they are allowed to live in an open atmosphere. Livestock which is raised with the intent of butchering is often found in rows of pens which some feel is inhumane and there are even eggs available on the market that are labeled as being produced by free range chickens.

Natural health food also describes vegetables and fruits that have been organically grown without utilizing chemical substances to control the weeds or insects inside the vegetables and fruits. These foods must meet the standard set by the Food and drug administration to be given the label of naturally grown. Naturally grown foods can also be foods that are processed with organic materials such as macaroni or cereal. These foods are allowed the label of organic as long as they are made with 70% up to 100% organic material.

The consumer is assured that the natural health foods that they are purchasing are labeled properly by checking the label on the side that lists all components. Natural health food may also refer to herbs which many natural food shops sell. These herbs are once again grown in an organic setting so that they can be categorized as organic and that the consumer knows that they are pesticide free.

Natural health food is an option for a lot of consumers who are looking for more control in what they purchase to consume. Food which is organic is increasingly more acceptable and more and more stores are carrying products which boast that they are a natural food.

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