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First of all, I would like to say, as someone who has dieted in one way, shape, or form all of her adult life; that diets do not work. Even these travesties that are forced on us by well meaning dietitians and weight loss gurus—-this so called fast weight loss diet—-are a joke. You starve yourself primarily is what takes place, you lose tens of pounds, look great for a few weeks, and then go back to normal food and whammo—-back comes all the lost weight and more with it, just for spite.

Well, I’ve checked out all kinds of fast weight loss diet plans, and believe me when I say, they are no picnic and some of them are downright scary. Who wants to starve to lose weight, or eat nothing but vegetable soup 24/7, or only drink black coffee day after day. I’ve read up a lot on all this weight loss business, and most of it is hype and can be very dangerous to your overall health. Especially when you start throwing in all those chemicals to speed up your metabolism and curb your appetite; some of us just can’t handle all that chemical garbage.

When you cut back your intake of food drastically, your body sends out an APB to all its parts telling them to stop running at the speed they are now at, and slow down, conserve, don’t overdo it, we “ain’t gittin” enough food to stay at this speed. So, your metabolism slows down, your poor body has to shut down its natural design for operation, and conform to a starvation mode of operation. Sure, you’ll lose weight, but you can’t stay on a starvation diet forever, so once you abandon the fast weight loss diet, you are now ready to put those pounds back on big time—–and put them on you will, every time.

There are all kinds of a fast weight lost diet out there, and some of them are downright radical and dangerous. Anything that uses substances to make your heart beat faster and your metabolism to run faster is a potential train wreck—–you may have underlying health factors that will come to the fore when these radical diets are used; and you may have anything happen to you as a result, from the jitters, shakes, strokes, all the way to a heart attack. Yep, you’ll be svelte all right—-svelte and dead.

Just think how long it took you to pile on all that weight that you are now so anxious to get rid of in such a big hurry—-sure was fun plastering on the pounds, one burger and fries at a time, wasn’t it. Well, to keep your body running well, and the way it was designed to run—you need to take the weight off the same speed as you put it on—-gradually. I know you don’t want to hear that—we are all hedonists at heart, we love to eat good tasting food and lots of it, and let’s face it—dieting is for the birds. But, hey, the truth hurts.

Take for example, one of the fast weight loss diet plans that is out there and very popular today. It is the one where you are under the care of a physician and get weekly shots of vitamins and who knows what else, while you are on a diet of almost no food that would make an ant weep. You are basically following a starvation diet, and forcing your body to pull its fat reserves for fuel, and as a result you lose weight. But, wait a minute. Before you run down to the nearest clinic—-ask anyone who has done these diets, which are quite expensive, by the way; are they still slim and trim and sans the extra weight? Almost always, you will find the answer is no, because they have not learned to eat and live differently from before, just starved the weight off and now it is back on.

Don’t be fooled by talk swirling around you that these types of fast weight loss diet plans are really good and will work. It’s all malarky. To put your faith in something that lets you only eat grapefruit for days on end, or drink nothing but black coffee can’t be good for you, and they will only satisfy the initial desire to drop pounds quickly. You are setting yourself up for failure with these quickie diets, because if you do not lose the weight in a slow and methodical manner, it will only come back with a vengeance after you stop the starvation diet. Be smart—lose weight the old fashioned way—slow and steady. Your body will thank you for it.

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