Lose Weight Without The Dangers Of Diet Pills

Diet & Exercise

If you want to lose weight, you have basically three options, diet, exercise, pills and potions. It seems that diet pills are everywhere these days which has led many to wonder just what are the dangers of diet pills. Make no mistake about it, the pills are made by by well established companies and comply with all the necessary health and safety regulations.Those after a quick fix might find some benefit in taking them, however taking them over a long period of time is not to be recommended.

Diet pills work in different ways, some claim to eat away the fat and have a laxative effect. The other most common type are those that take away your appetite and, therefore, your desire to eat. Many of these pills promise fast weight loss and that is often the case, however taking them regularly over a long period of time is not the healthiest option and can have unwelcome side effects.

The pills that claim to ‘eat fat’, dispose of the unwanted material through bowel movements that cannot always be controlled.Diarrhea can, in turn, lead to dehydration. There are essential nutrients that we all need to maintain good health but these can leave the body before being absorbed because of the way certain diet pills work.You could be made very sick as a result of lack of nutrition. Do you really feel that uncontrollable bowels,dehydration and diarrhea are all worth it for the possibility of short term weight loss.

Other pills, as mentioned before, suppress hunger, this might provide help for those who generally eat too much and wish to lower their food intake but only in the short term. It is usual for there to be quite substantial loss of weight to begin with but then the body reacts to the reduction of food intake by slowing down the metabolism.With the reduction of your metabolic rate, weight loss becomes slower and slower and eventually you reach what is called a plateau effect.The end result is frustration at the lack of weight lost overall.

People who suffer from low sugar levels, liver problems or diabetes should never under any circumstances take any form of diet pill until they have consulted a properly qualified physician.

Other possible side affects of diet pills include dizzy spells, irritability, stomach upsets and even addiction, to name but a few.

A far better option is a healthy diet coupled with an exercise program that is suited to your particular circumstances and avoid the dangers of diet pills.

Author Liz Langley: She has lots more information about the dangers of diet pills .She has, after burning a lot of midnight oil, reduced down to only four the best online weight loss programs available.

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