How I Got A Flat Stomach By Eating Unlimited Food & Light Exercise! My Daily Diet & Fitness Routine!

Diet & Exercise

How I Got A Flat Stomach By Eating Unlimited Food & Light Exercise! My Daily Diet & Fitness Routine!

Hi Glitter Critter! You might be looking in the mirror and wishing you didn’t eat all that holiday chow! I know how you feel because I’ve been there. Your tummy is bloated and you don’t feel confident enough to wear that new bikini you had your eye on But you know what? It’s ok because you can get a flat stomach by eating loads of carbs and only a little exercise! Click thumbs up if you want a flat tummy and share this video on your social networks if it helped you! Thanks for watching and have a Glitterful day!

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Gary L. Wenk, author of Your Brain on Food: How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts and Feelings, Second Edition, discusses the debate between diet and exercise. http://global.oup.com/academic/product/your-brain-on-food-9780199393275

Dr. Gary L. Wenk is a Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience & Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics at Ohio State University. He has served on the faculty of Johns Hopkins University and the University of Arizona. He was the Program Director for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory & Biological Basis of Behavior Program at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C. He has been interviewed about his work by NPR, WBZ, WJR, CBS, ABC, and CNN.

┬ę Oxford University Press
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20 comments to How I Got A Flat Stomach By Eating Unlimited Food & Light Exercise! My Daily Diet & Fitness Routine!

  • Gummy and the bear XX  says:

    My routine
    Wake up
    Goes downstairs
    Gets breakfast
    Peaches and a naked juice (it's juice but it has very good vegetables and fruit in it)
    Goes upstairs get dressed
    Pink shirt
    And black shorts
    Does 1-4 push-ups
    Does 20 handstands
    Gets lunch
    Usually Pp-j
    Plays mine craft for 30 mins
    Eats dinner
    9:00 bed
    And that's it!´╗┐

  • Olivia Favazza  says:

    I'm only 12 and I'm on a diet cause I want a flat stomach. I hope and think it will take only 3 to 4 months to get a flat stomach. You have really encouraged me what to eat. I exercise allot cause I think it will take the belly flab away, bit my mom tells me I have to eat to. You are very encouraging. I'm going to try my best. And you shouldn't be worried about your stomach, it's perfect. Your perfect. Thank you?´╗┐

  • Kendall3  says:

    How to get a flat tummy ­čÖé

    Have 3 meals a day
    2 -3 snacks a day or less
    DO NOT skip breakfast just eat healthier
    6-8 glasses of water
    Lots of protein
    Work out at least one hour a day
    Have a good sleep schedule
    No soda or unhealthy juice
    Only fast food occasionally! Or not at all
    Low sodium
    Not too many carbs
    Fruits and vegetables

    Follow this diet for about two weeks and you should see a huge change!!!

  • tako shengelia  says:

    and who said u have flat somach´╗┐

  • Ava Enzie  says:

    I'm litarally eating pizza and chicken wings right now ._.´╗┐

  • TeacherTeacher  says:

    Just because it's fruit doesn't mean you can eat unlimited amounts of it all through the day. Fruit is very high in sugar–that container you were drinking from was huge!! I can't even imagine how many grams of sugar it contained. Plus, (unless you have a medical problem) you consume much less calories and sugar when you chew food vs drinking it. The actual "chewing" motion makes us feel full as opposed to "drinking" food. You would never be able to chew that much fruit if it wasn't blended–you would feel full halfway through. Just be careful with all that sugar you are consuming, it is very bad for you. You should be eating more legumes, beans, and vegetables than fruit. Fruit should be the smallest portion of your daily intake!!! If you don't curtail all that fruit on a daily basis, then you will have a high risk for insulin problems (diabetes).´╗┐

  • Emily Wyatt  says:

    Literally I eat so healthy and I work out everyday, and everyone else my age is 70 lbs complaining about being fat and I'm over here like omg look at me ??´╗┐

  • Samantha Chavero  says:

    How long did it take u to get skinny?´╗┐

  • Rozaan Barnardo  says:

    To much of some froot has to much suger and you will gain alot of weight just saing (ps:I love you)´╗┐

  • p0p porter  says:

    I havnt eaten in 3 days. I only lost 3lbs´╗┐

  • Migumi Salado  says:

    this inspired me. lol´╗┐

  • Xscape  says:

    Please subscribe to us and do us a favour! My cute daughter (7) and I would like to go to the YouTube Space in Berlin and learn more about making films. But we need 1.000 viewers for it. Thank you! <3´╗┐

  • Sophia Silveira  says:

    I've NEVER been able to keep a diet for more then a day??´╗┐

  • Jesslyn LaVelle  says:

    I'm only 11 and I weigh 120 pounds but since I listens to you I lost 40 pounds that is Breland´╗┐

  • Uzma Noreen  says:

    What is on your teeth´╗┐

  • Annabelle Willes  says:

    My workout routine: run around while eating ice cream, push-ups while eating a cupcake´╗┐

  • Sifa Mukandama  says:

    i have a flat stomach….my friends says that i am lucky´╗┐

  • Madison Sanchez  says:

    How long did it take u to get to your desired weight?´╗┐

  • Keira Poetsch  says:

    Is she wearing dentures? Serious question´╗┐

  • Nekaylah Marrero  says:

    I'm only 12 but yea´╗┐

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