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Making time to exercise is very difficult, especially for the working class. For them time is limited enough for work and can hardly be stretched further. Finding time to exercise can be extremely stressful. Thus exercising is always at the bottom of their things-to-do.

Which time is perfect for exercise?

After questioning 500 exercise participants, this is what we found out:
Only about 28% claimed that they exercise any time of the day and about the same percentage of people prefers the night time to exercise.

44% claimed to prefer doing exercise at the earliest time of the day and only 10% liked to do their time during midday.

A.M. exercisers – 44%
Midday exercisers – 10%
P.M. exercisers – 28%
Anytime exercisers – 28%

The Body’s Natural Rhythm
Through the course of the day your body goes through a series of energy inflation and deflation. Your body has a timetable set out for your day to day routine. Say that if you normally exercise at 6pm, then your body clock prepares your body for that burst of energy you need to get you through your exercise regime. And if you make an abrupt change to your workout schedule, let’s say you changed it to morning. Your exercise performance level might not be as effective enough as when you make it on your usual schedule.

Practicality rules
Does this mean you cannot change your work out schedule? Does it mean you cannot alter anything about your daily routine or it would raise havoc on your system? The answer people is no. It is but imperative that you find the time to keep fit regardless of the time of the day.

But otherwise, you still have to keep in check a steady schedule for your work out. And these are some tips to help you.

Squeeze it in
If you are unable to put in that 1 hour work out then a 15-20mins. will do just fine as well. You will still get impressive outcome from them.

Take 30 minutes before you start.
If you routinely wake up at 8:00 am then set your alarm at 7:30am and do your work out before you start your day. That blood rush in the early morning will perk you up like a cup of coffee. And in due time your body clock will just get used to it.
Take two lunches.
Sounds good? Yes it does! Putting half of your lunchtime to workout time is perfect time for you not to stay for the desert tray. Build-up your body and losing calories both at the same time is sweet enough.

Sleep time.
If you have little tikes in the house, turn naptime into workout time. While your baby sleeps get at least a few minutes of exercise. If done constantly throughout the day it would be the same as if you’ve done a 20-30mins. workout already.

Mix it up.
When you go through your work-out make sure that you mix it up a little bit. For instance after toning up those arm and leg muscles try also do toning for your heart muscles and maybe some breathing exercises as well. Mix it up during your 30mins workout, at least 3-4 times in the week.

It doesn’t matter what time of day you work-out, the more you get stressed on looking for the perfect timing the less it will make you focus on the important thing, exercise. There are no restrictions to time or schedule just as long it can get you to do the exercise is enough.

Charles Volcolatte is a health and weight loss researcher for www.skinnyasap.com. He writes and researches actively on Healthy Weight Loss Information and shares his knowledge at www.skinnyasap.com where he works as a staff writer.

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