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Away from the monotony, look for colorful healthy Diet
HC food industry network Away from the monotony, look for colorful healthy eating
Long ago, we got used to living the same life every day: sitting in the same car in the same route to and from work, long hours doing tedious work against the computer, and even the daily diet, have become monotonous originally intended to uphold the meal more than a day of vegetables, a fruit meal, but forgotten in the heavy work; the original concept of healthy eating colorful but replaced at the checkout when the monotony of the fast-food. And their own health, but also monotonous diet, gradually emerging in the hidden … …

Chinese Preventive Medicine Association recently published “2010 Report of Chinese Internet users a healthy diet (fruit and vegetable articles),” pointed out that only 4% of people eat each day to more than 5 colors of fruits and vegetables (red, orange, green, white , purple), 80% of people yesterday, eating green vegetables and fruits, and dark purple fruits and vegetables people eat at least, only 34%; the weight on a diet of vegetables people ate 48% less than the weight of 300 grams, while only 10% of fruit intake to 200 grams or more.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend consumption per person per day take 5 to 13 copies of colorful fruits and vegetables (1 equivalent to about 100 grams); the “Dietary Guidelines” proposal, to eat vegetables at least 300-500 per person per day grams (about half of the dark), 200-400 grams of fruit.

Data show that our type and amount of intake of fruits and vegetables is far below the recommended levels. Plant vegetables and fruits contain different nutrients on the body have different health effects, although about 78% of people believe that the color of vegetables and fruits with their associated nutritional value, but in daily life, due to a variety of reasons, we difficult to eat enough fruits and vegetables colorful. Time to reflect on their own eating habits, away from the monotonous to the diet also to the health and colorful.

Red, orange, green, white, Zihei color fruits and vegetables, has its own health code.
Red fruits and vegetables?? Energy source
Along, red represents the vitality and energy. Red fruits and vegetables contain carotenoids, the body defense system can increase the vitality of cells, therefore, eat red vegetables, will greatly enhance the natural immunity. With tomato, for example, it is not only anti-cancer pioneer, but also serves to bring the source of infinite energy. University of Kentucky, Dr. David Snowden, against 88 in a study of elderly nuns were discovered high levels of blood lycopene nuns, self-care ability than the low-sister to 3.6 times higher.

Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables?? Cancer expert
Orange fruits and vegetables, they are eye-catching eye-catching colors from a variety of carotenoids, only -carotene and orange fruits and vegetables are inseparable, even the rare -carotene has a soft spot for them. Antitumor effect of carrot medical community has long been affirmed, therefore, carried out by the International Cancer Research Foundation, 206 study, it is always the most popular prevention Food One.

Green fruits and vegetables?? Eye master
Green is the color of life, we only know and see more green plants can soothe the eyes, but I do not know will eat into the body of green food, more comfort and repair aging buttocks and clams? Soil Tu Po Lake? Chang said Q difficult qu qu chessboard? pox pox flutter flutter right foot R Jue and restore chi? training? Antioxidants Prevent cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration and other eye diseases. The best sources of lutein are green vegetables.

White fruits and vegetables?? Meditation panacea
White people feel comfortable and quiet. White fruits and vegetables can help people maintain a positive attitude to regulating mood “panacea.” In addition, the white fruits and vegetables have a whitening effect, because pigment cells in the body of food precipitation, so many food Yiyiren, fresh yam, white radish, lotus root, white melon and other fruits and vegetables, can make the skin smooth and white.

Purple fruits and vegetables?? Decompression Ichiban
American Joseph James, MD, pointed out that the effect of decompression purple fruits and vegetables are other colors of vegetables unmatched. Purple fruits and vegetables make our nerves to rest, but the key to that they can regulate nerve and increased adrenal secretion. Scientists test the oxygen radical absorption capacity was also found that purple up the food to eliminate free radicals.

Each color of the vegetables have their own merits, would like to receive a comprehensive nutrition, we must “for taste, all love.” My friends, it is time away from the monotonous, given a lesson to health!

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