Eat Food For Treatment Instead Of Medicine

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It has been to people attention of having healthy food for better life, due to the busy work and rush during the day unable many of us to concern on what we eat until we get sick and sometime come to the worse case that it is too late to cure. But when the disease was cured we seem to get back to normal life again without realizing the importance of having health food and tend to continue to eat the food that has no benefit such as any kind of fast food.

According to this reason, if you want to be healthy and do not want to get any kind of disease, it’s the time to pay more attention on what you eat and if you take this very seriously, you don’t even take any kind of medication. The good food that always the best for human are vegetables and fruit that we can find in every day life such as cabbages, tomato, peanuts and so on.

Then questions come after the advice about how these things benefit to our health.

Then the answer is many of benefits that you will get from them. This due to the fiber in fruit and vegetables. Even though these fiber are not absorbent, but due to this reason, it is the most important characteristic that benefit to our health. For example, remain of these fiber in our intestine will help to move and digest the food that has no fiber and reduce the accumulate toxic in the body, which sometimes cause intestine cancer.

In the case of there are a lot of accumulated non-digest in the intestine and if those accumulations live longer, the chance of intestine cancer is greater. Therefore, it is necessary to eat fruits and vegetables which has a lot of fiber to reduce to number of those accumulation and get rid of the disease that is the cause of cancer.

Apart from fruits and vegetables, you can have rice instead of them. Because a lot of fiber can be found in rice too!. Not only a lot of fiber in rice but there is also vitamin B, which also helps to prevent you from cancer and the most important thing is that rice has very low of cholesterol, which is the common cause of heart disease. The result of the research conducted by an English researcher found that the food that contain a lot of fiber also reduce the chance of heart disease. Therefore, now you should aware of this and start to eat more fruits and vegetables in order to be healthy and stay way from diseases.

There is one way that will make it easier for you to recognize your real feelings of satisfaction. That is by concentrating on the food when you eat, chew slowly, put down knife and fork and pause and breathe in between each bite. It is best if you do this “awareness” exercise with the utmost concentration, which means: Do not do other things while you are eating – no watching TV or reading the newspaper, etc.

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