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Today, health becomes an expensive property for human. Therefore, many people try to keep their health as good as they can; they even try to raise their health condition. However, raising our health condition can be carried out by many ways. Sports, diets, and nutritious food have been taken as choices to get better health. Changing lifestyle and creating healthy eating pattern can also be options to make a great condition and avoid health problem. In the next part, we will talk about one of those options, the diet program that most people usually use to increase their health condition.

Diet basically means the amount of food which is consumed by human while dieting is the decision from human, people, or certain culture to choose what kind of food to be consumed in their everyday life. Diet always relates to the nutrition contained in food which is consumed daily. If we understand well about the food nutrition, it will not be difficult to set the appropriate diet program for us.

For example, we should know how many calories contained in our breakfast in every morning. If you have cheese beef with mayonnaise and full cream milk, you will get 500 kilo calories for the sandwich, and 150 kilo calories for the milk. In total, you will have 650 kilo calories for breakfast. And you should also understand calories you burn on every activity you do in a day. For example, if someone with 50 kg weight walks with 3km/hour speed, it will burn 160 kilo calories per hour he or she walks. The knowledge about input and output of calories will be a great help in making a good diet.

Once the diet program is made, the result of it will depend on the human itself whether he can follow the diet well or not. The hardest part of dieting will be the willing to change and keep the better change becomes stable and continuous.

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