Diet Controlled Diabetes: How It Happens

Diet & Exercise

Diabetes is one of the most feared illnesses of this century. The staggering number of people afflicted this disease is ever increasing. This is a call for everyone to evaluate our understanding of this disease. When people have adequate knowledge of diabetes, they will know how to handle the disease and its symptoms.

Looking through Diabetes

Many people assume that diabetes is as simple as having elevated blood glucose or sugar. However, there is so much more to diabetes than just that. Learning about diabetes should not stop at knowing that it can cause increases in blood sugar.

Diabetes is a disorder in the body’s regulating mechanism of blood glucose. Glucose is the body’s product of food metabolism which serves as the body’s fuel. Without glucose or when glucose in the body Sugar becomes so low, you get weak and dizzy. While glucose is indeed a need, too much glucose in the body leads to a diabetic condition. Diabetic individuals can be of three types.

The first type is diabetics whose endocrine imbalance results from an inborn condition wherein the pancreas fail to produce insulin which is needed to lower blood glucose. Insulin leads glucose into the cell and out of the bloodstream. This defect is inborn hence it is not the diet controlled diabetes type.

Second type is the real diet controlled diabetes. Diabetics within the type 2 classification have more chances of symptom management through diet and exercise.

The third type is a diabetes like condition that happens during pregnancy. This happens because in the pregnant lady, a hormone is produced which has a combative effect on the insulin which is responsible for regulating glucose.

How diet affects diabetes

Diet is one of the most important and effective measures against diabetes. Diet is actually one of those listed in the triad of treatment against diabetes namely: diet, exercise and medications. However, it is most effective and useful in the type 2 form of diabetes. Simple controls in eating can do so much to lessen diabetes symptoms.

In addition, control in diet can decrease obesity. There are many studies that show a link between abdominal obesity and increased risk for diabetes. When too much fat is around the waist area, it makes the pancreas less able to produce insulin. Whe insulin production is ineffective, the body loses control on glucose regulation. Relief of diabetic symptoms may be hard but they are achievable. Diet controlled diabetes should be controlled at the early stages to keep it from progressing and cause further harm. When diabetes is not given prompt attention, it may go on to dangerous complications. Make the burden of diabetes easier by following diabetes diet restrictions.

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