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Have you heard the latest news in the natural health industry? Termed the new “super food”, acai berries have entered the spotlight, gaining the attention of scientists, nutritionists and doctors as well as anyone concerned with natural health news.

It is human nature to want to gain rewards easily, and we like something that tastes good and healthy you can see why acai fruit has exploded onto the market and into the news with so much enthusiasm.

It is easy to get caught up in all the hype, but to be objective and critical, you will want to slow down and take a careful look at acai fruit and judge for yourself what all the excitement is about. The intent of this information is to present the information about acai fruit and help guide you in choosing a product that contains acai berries in order to provide you with information about what is known about acai berries so you can make a better decision about whether or not you want to include acai fruit in your daily nutritional regimen.

Acai berries are loaded with nutrition: vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and fatty acids. Any one of these ingredients has a tremendous impact on supporting your health. But because all of these are included in acai berries, and at high percentages, acai fruit merits the label “super food”.

There are many obvious benefits of acai fruit. For example, the fiber makes it an excellent support for the digestive system. The mineral content in acai berries make them good for your bones. The vitamins in acai berries make them a good nutritional supplement to help your body absorb the necessary nutrients it gets from other foods you eat. The fatty acids in acai fruit make this food especially good for your heart. And the antioxidants found in acai fruit work to support the immune system and fight diseases.

Acai berries originate from South and Central America. They grow on the acai palm tree which flourishes in wet, tropical areas, in particular, the Brazilian rain forest. They are dark little berries, about the size of blueberries, with a thick pulp and a single large seed. The natives to the area have been eating them as a part of their daily diet for more than thousand years. They are also used as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial salves.

Now that the berries are processed and made into products such as acai berry juice and acai bowls, nutritional supplements in the form ice cream and purees.

Acai fruit is not new to the world, but is fairly new in the health food market. If you haven’t yet tried a product made from acai berry, please give it a try. You will no doubt be impressed by the benefits rendered by the acai plant.

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