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What is the proper way to eat in order to promote a tight toned mid-section? What are the diet tips for developing the abs you have always dreamed of? Those can be really confusing questions for you to answer. Whether you are reading magazines or books, watching television infomercials, or browsing your local nutrition store there seem to be a million different answers to those key questions.

Once you know how to train your abdominal muscles in the gym. Once you know how to burn the fat off of your stomach by raising your metabolic rate. You can really increase your success rate to six pack abs with the proper diet.

Eating properly doesn’t have to be this complex mathematical formula. A proper balance of protein, carbs, and fat in nutrient rich forms is the key to a lean body diet. So before you order the latest diet program to hit the market take some time to learn the basics. Then maybe the next time your friends try and get you on the latest fad diet you will be able to teach them a thing or two.

What you need to be looking for is natural unprocessed foods. Out intake of the processed foods most often found in grocery stores and restaurants is reeking havoc on our bodies. Many doctors believe the rise in many diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and alzheimers are a direct result of the chemials and additives in the foods we consume. Even most fruits and vegetables have been tainted with pesticides and soil that is weak in nutrients.

Here are four keys to a healthy abdominal diet.

* Consume quality protein in large amounts. You will burn more calories by the simple act of consuming protein. Foods rich in protein require more work to digest. In addition the protein builds muscle which also need energy to maintain and grow. As this energy is used calories are being burnt. If you have ever heard that eating 6 small meals a day is good for you its true. Your energy level is maintained throughout the day, you don’t crave junk food, and you burn more calories through the process of digestion.

* Take in food high in fiber. Try and take in your carbs from high fiber sources. Foods that are rich in fiber will satisfy your hunger. Natural fiber from unrefined grains, fruits, and vegetables are a much better choice than fiber supplements. It’s a good idea to stay away from foods such as sugars and fruit juice. The fiber has been removed from them to make digestion easier. A key cause of body fat struggles is refined grains and sugars. Two to three grams of fiber per ten grams of carbs is a good rule of thumb when comparing food choices.

* Not all fat is bad. Don’t be afraid to eat fat! When you eat too little fat your body is deprived of many of the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. Healthy skin, nails, and hair are all a result of proper fat intake. In addition good fat is used in cell construction, cell repair, and for storing energy. Sources of good fats come from fish, egg yolks, nuts, seeds, nut butters, avocados, olives, olive oil, organic meats, virgin coconut oil, coconuts, durians, and unrefined oils. Your local health food store will have many of these.

* Stay away from these two enemies of the lean body. If you can stay away from processed foods you will avoid these enemies. The first is high fructose corn syrup. Unfortunately most food items that have been sweetened are high in fructose corn syrup. The second is artificial trans fats. Trans fats are neither required nor beneficial to the human body. They increase the chance of coronary heart disease among other ill effects. Most trans fats are industrially created to increase the shelf life of food. These trans fats come in the form of margarines, hydrogenated oils and shortening.

By following the four keys to a healthy abdominal diet you will take control of your body. As a result of following these points, fitness expert Mike Geary says you will gain control of your appetite, hormone and blood sugar levels, and more. Your lean body will be in reach and those tight toned abs will begin to show themselves.

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