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Heart Health Food and Drinks: NPD in cardiovascular health, hypertension and cholesterol reduction

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Key issues examined by this report…

High CVD prevalence rates to drive growth in heart health food and drinks. Cardiovascular disease prevalence rates in the developed world are high, ranging from 8% in Japan to 12% in Germany.
Global sales for heart health food and drinks are growing rapidly and are set to reach a total value of $ 7.7 billon in Europe and the US by 2010. In 2007, the tot al value of the US heart health food and drinks market was $ 5.0bn.
Increasing regulatory scrutiny over health claims made by food and drinks manufacturers. Increasing regulatory controls over claims made on bioactive ingredients is likely t o have a positive effect on NPD for products claimed to be low in unhealthy ingredients, whilst reducing output in those based on bioactive agents.

Heart Health Food and Drinks

NPD in cardiovascular health, hypertension and cholesterol reduction
The heart health food and drinks market has seen continued development and a generation of products targeting specific conditions such as blood pressure and cholesterol reduction, have been the focus of innovation. However, the market is beginning to shift again, this time towards more natural heart health products which promote an overall, holistic and everyday approach to heart health. Heart Health Food and Drinks is a new management report analyzes the underlying growth drivers for the heart health foods and drinks market, assesses future sales prospects in key geographical markets, reviews the latest innovations trends and offers actionable recommendations for food and drinks manufacturers. It examines the latest actual and forecast data for hypertension and cardiovascular disease prevalence, heart health food and drinks sales values, as well as unique data on product innovations for all the key product groups. Develop more effective strategies for heart healthy food and drinks using this reports analysis of the development of the market by country and product category.

This new report will enable you to…

Identify key players in the heart healthy food and drinks market including Kelloggs, Unilever, Nestl and PepsiCo. These companies have adapted core ranges and launched new products in order to benefit from the trend in heart healthy food and drinks.
Anticipate the impact of key trends in the heart healthy food and drinks market and quantify the new and emerging opportunities using epidemiology data for 7 key markets including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, the US and Japan.
Improve targeting and the effectiveness of your NPD strategies with this reports analysis of Productscan data of over 900 heart health food and drink products launched between 2004 and 2007. Analysis was conducted in terms of positioning, category, region, product tag and flavor.

Your questions answered…

Who is the most innovative player in heart health food and drinks?
How is the heart health food and drinks market changing?
Which countries have the highest r ates of hypertension and cardiovascular disease?
What are the key trends in heart health food and drinks?
Which country currently spends the most on heart health food and drinks?

Some key findings from this report…

Blood pressure focused NPD is on the decrease, from a 14.4% share of all heart health products launched in 2004 to 13.3% in 2007.
Prevalence rates for hypertension are higher than those for cardiovascular disease; expected to reach 30.0% in France and to get as high as 45.6% in Spain in 2007.
Natural remains the most used product tag on heart health products. 6.9% of heart health products launched in 2007 claimed to be natural.
Sales of heart health food and drinks will reach a combined total value of $ 7.7 billion in Europe and the US by 2010. This represents a CAGR of 6.4% over the period 2006-2010.
Unilever is the largest contributor to heart health food and drinks NPD. The company tends to focus on development of cholesterol reducing dairy products.

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