A Few Tips To Reduce Weight From Pregnancy

Diet & Exercise

Pregnancy brings so many changes to a woman’s body. Some woman fly right thru their pregnancy and drop the weight like nothing. Others have a tougher time as they now have two full time jobs. Be as it may, you just have to work a bit harder and you can have it all. You should look at your diet, you know you have to exercise and why not recuperate with massage chair therapy?

One reality that pregnant women must face is that they naturally gain weight during pregnancy. Many women find that after their pregnancy that they may have more weight than they wanted. This can be caused by the body retaining more fluid. Usually retained fluids will be lost within the first three weeks after giving birth. You may notice more sweating than usual and more frequent trips to the bathroom.

However, you need to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Understand why you have this additional weight gain. Also realize that it is only temporary. This is necessary for your emotional well-being. It can be conquered and you will lose the extra weight with hard work, perseverance, and an iron will.

Life works in cycles, pregnancy is just one of those cycles. The connection between diet, exercise and massage is one of the most basic. Our body goes through cycles of requiring nourishment, activity and recovery. This is what the triad of diet, exercise and massage does to balance the body and mind.

First and most important is your diet. Eating a well-balanced diet that includes lean meats, grain-type breads, fruits, and vegetables is critical. Junk food is not advised and should be avoided. Instead, indulge in a healthy snack such as nuts, popcorn, fruits, vegetables, raisins, and a wheat-type cracker.

If you frequently eat fast food, then this becomes challenging with the high levels of sodium. Sodium helps the body to retain water which after pregnancy means weight. A substantial part of your weight gain during pregnancy is from the weight of water. You have to ingest a lot of water. The other item to watch is soda pop. The high concentrations of sugar also work against losing weight. Bottled water will do you just fine.

Exercise starts with E and means Effort. You have to make an effort to get a consistent routine of exercise going. It is all too easy to go from one thing to the next and never exercise. Take time for you and get yourself in shape. You and the baby will both be happier. Talk to your medical professional as to what is right for you.

Did you know that breastfeeding is a dieters dream? Breast feeding can wipe out up to 500 calories a day when you breastfeed. If you do breastfeed, you must make sure that you are getting adequate nutrition during this time. Discuss this with your physician and find out how you can lose weight while breastfeeding.

Massage therapy has been used throughout the ages for recovery and healing. Your body goes through tremendous changes during pregnancy and after as well. You have to deal with improving your diet and exercising. You also need time for you to recover. A quick massage from a massage chair is ideal. It is the friend you need, when you need it. Relief is finally on your schedule.

One of the toughest things to do during and after pregnancy is checking your weight. Most women fear the worst. Weight has such a psychological and emotional baggage with it. Women can’t believe they are just gaining weight so fast during pregnancy while they worked their whole life to not have it. Be realistic with your weight loss targets. Just a hint, it did take you nine months to gain it. It would not be unreasonable to expect 9 months to lose it!

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and the greatest gift of life. As with all important health issues, speak with your medical doctor about what is right for you. Weight loss is important, but make sure you get the doc’s blessing on what you do. Find out how diet, exercise and massage chair therapy can help you find that new balance.

Why not integrate a Massage Chair into your busy lifestyle. Give yourself the chance to recover and rebound for a balanced lifestyle. Massage Chairs are an excellent compliment to your diet and exercise.

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