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Reasonable diet is critical, should be based on each person’s height and weight, work intensity, the Food and quantify individual. This is Diet The Soft Science. Decided to quantify the weight — eat less food, individual is to emphasize a balanced diet. Variety of food is the source of health.

1. Tomatoes | vegetables Ranking reasons: Table of delicious, attractive shape, fresh color, many people like to eat, in fact, not only delicious tomatoes, also has a certain “efficacy.” Tomatoes contain vitamin c, can prevent colds, but a large number contain lycopene, a natural red pigment to tomatoes, has antioxidant role of vascular damage and softening.

Tips: kaki and tomato egg soup you like it? Both eat a mature life, that kind of raw and cooked food more nutritious then? Tomatoes get ripe if the food, to increase the lycopene release. If you would like to add vitamin c, raw is a good choice. Jianweixiaoshi, both raw and cooked food, do their best effect. The tomato scrambled eggs are a perfect match nutrition, high cholesterol and cholesterol-lowering, plant protein and animal protein in the perfect combination. But not cooked green tomatoes are toxic, do pay attention.

Chinese health wisdom: Tomatoes is a very popular food in China in recent years, moving slowly to the aging, anti-aging and tomatoes in lowering cholesterol and other auxiliary elements to prevent age-related diseases, for eat, China is the world’s hepatitis often made a big country, tomatoes are some role in protecting liver Liver.

2. Potatoes | Vegetables Ranking reasons: Is a multi-purpose potatoes, carbohydrate-rich foods, by the world’s attention and favor, and the variety of production and consumption methods. The protein content of potato and grain protein content of the same, is both cook and can compare favorably with food food. Sweet potato of Ping, Chinese medicine has emphasized the role and gastric. It is also rich in vitamin c, food rich in potassium skins, fresh potatoes contain about 80% water and 20% of dry matter, heat about 100 cards, and does not contain fat.

Potato October 18, 2007 was officially launched at United Nations Headquarters from around the world through scientific conferences, festivals, cooking contests, art exhibitions and other forms of celebrating. To deal with the potato as a passionate way of life now!

Tips: potato plants to fungi and insects have a natural defense capabilities, its leaves, stems and buds contain a strong toxin, it made a bud can not eat potatoes, to avoid poisoning.

Chinese health wisdom: , Like potatoes and rice, as usual Chinese dinner table staple. Reduced because of the greenhouse effect and farmland, the Chinese would like to meet the food needs of the population will become increasingly difficult, Rice Harsh growing conditions, the potato is not the problem, China nearly 600 million hectares of potato cultivation will raise 1.4 billion people.

3. Tea | Drinks Ranking reasons:
Tea has always been seen as longevity of the product, known as the “Oriental drinks Emperor”, saying “open seven things” (firewood, rice, oil, salt, butter, Vinegar , Tea) in the included tea, tea shows the importance of the day. Tea is a low heat to food, generally the better the quality of tea, the higher the heat. On the type of view, green tea contains the highest heat.

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