12 Ways to Help Improve Your Health – Based on the Hunzukut Health Foods Plan

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Based upon the long and healthy life of a Hunzukut, here is a plan that will help you simulate or parallel their eating methods. Your foods should be organic in origin. This means your should seek our organic produce outlets and farms in your area. Ask any local heath store for a supply source. Write to the Department of Agriculture in your state capital for any available lists or organic farmers.
Here are 12 ways to help improve your health, based on the Hunzukut health foods plan:

1. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables only in amounts that can be speedily consumed.
2. Drink beverages such as fresh milk, soy milk, buttermilk, skimmed milk, or yogurt.
3. Cook or steam vegetables in as tiny a supply of water as is possible. Never overcook. Always drink the juice left with the cooking water.
4. Twice each day, eat a liberal portion of salads and raw root vegetables.
5. Never skin or peel organically raised vegetables; do wash the, The greatest part of the essential nutrients are locked in the skin and released by your digestion of them.
6. Eat germinated grains or beans
7. The best cuts of meat are those of the organs: brain, kidney, liver, etc.
8. All bread products should be of whole-meal and unbleached flours.
9. Dairy products should consist of fresh-churned butter, unprocessed cheeses, fresh milk – raw milk, where it is permitted in your locality.
10. If fresh fruits are out of season, use only sundried, unsulphured, dried fruits sold in diet shops or health food stores.
11. All salads should have vegetable oils as a dressing. The same applies for cooking processes – use sunflower oil, sesame seed oil, corn oil, peanut oil, etc.
12. Sunflower seeds are an everyday food for the Hunza people. The seeds are brimming with minerals and proteins, not to mention the essential vitamins (about ¼ of a pound each day is the average amount eaten by the Hunza people.) Munch them instead of sugar-rich candies!

It is apparent that the Hunzukuts have learned how to preserve their bodies and live to a vigorous and healthy old age. Surely this is a lesson in natural foods that we, the people of civilized world, could adopt in a moderate form to create a sensible pattern for a long and happy life.

Sandy is a food lover who has been into food business for more than 20 years. She shares her experience in cooking tips, recipes as well as healthy cooking way.

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